Laguna de los tres

Mt Fitz Roy Via Laguna De Los Tres

After my first day’s 22 kilometer hike at Laguna Torre, and 10 hours of sleep (I wish I was joking), I woke up at 6am ready to go… except that my hotel was not as ready to go as me, as breakfast was not served until 8am.  So I frustratingly dabbled on shit internet trying to get anything, anything at all! to load.

Anyway, after a breakfast which consisted of no less than 2 croissants and 3 pieces of bread and some yogurt (Argentina has quite possibly never heard of having eggs or any other kind of solid protein for breakfast), I was off again for another massive hike, today’s foe was Laguna De Los Tres which offers the best viewpoints of Mt Fitz Roy.

Laguna De Los Tres
Laguna De Los Tres trailhead

I REALLY loved thie Laguna De Los Tres hike.  The whole trail had great viewpoints and apparently my muscles were “warmed-up” today after slaying them yesterday because I was feeling really good.

Laguna De Los Tres

I was feeling so good in fact, that I decided to go for the world record of hiking Laguna De Los Tres Trail….the guide said it should take 4 hours to hike the 12.5 kilometers path each-way.  The guide obviously doesn’t know me and how I can push my body….

Laguna De Los Tres
View along the trail

So without a break, I summited to the top of Laguna De Los Tres viewpoint in 2 hours 45 minutes.  It was GORGEOUS at the top, much more beautiful than Laguna Torre.

Laguna de los tres
Mt. Fitz Roy

I ate a banana at the top and the rest of my first liter of water… then I decided I should trail run part of the way down…which, I’m not exactly in trail-running shape, had on hiking shoes to boot, and was carrying a daypack so I only ran in the flats….

Laguna De Los Tres

But I did well-enough with a 2 hour flat descent… so instead of the 8 hours recommended to go the 25 kilometers up and back, I ascended, had a short break and descended in 4:45. Bam.

Which was just in time for a nice and chill afternoon lunch at La Cerveceria… of a traditional stew called Locro.  Locro has beef, bacon, onions, pumpkin, beans and carrots in a delicious broth.

Laguna De Los Tres
La Cerveceria’s Locro Patagonia’s typico stew

The Cerveceria’s locro is so good in fact, that I’m going to eat it again tomorrow after I slay another giant trek… but first, I probably need another 10 hours of sleep to restore the damage. 😉

//The I.A.

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