Renting A Catamaran In The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

A few months ago I was invited to join with a group of 9 other people, to island-hop via 52′ Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  It didn’t take me long to think about the opportunity and say yes… sailing, drinking, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding in some of the best trade winds / sailing conditions in the world?  Yes please.

Arrived from St Maarten to Soper’s Hole, BVI at about 2pm in the afternoon.  Our group is renting our catamaran from Voyage Charters, here is their office in Soper’s Hole:

Voyage Charter’s Office

We cannot board until 5pm… but in the mean time, briefly checked out the boat, while they continue to get it ready for our week-long voyage… woohooo…. feeling stoked.

The cost of renting a catamaran is quite steep… for $1500/person we rented the boat, kayaks, paddle-boards, fishing equipment, bait, dingy, all food/provisions, and alcohol…. alcohol… alcohol… alcohol.  But when you calculate that out, it ends up being about $214 per night, which actually isn’t too bad considering at this point it’s all-inclusive.


While waiting, I figured I’d have one of the BVI’s National drinks, a VERY strong Painkiller at Pusser’s Landing.  They of course got me with the tin mug… this will be my drinking cup all week :)

A painkiller consists of Rum with pineapple and orange juice, cream of coconut and fresh grated coconut on top.  Now I’m an official member of Pusser’s Pyrate Society… as if I needed a cup to make my pirate status offical 😉

…I have a feeling I won’t be feeling a lot of pain this week.  Get me onto that catamaran!

//The I.A.

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