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Palau Kayaking – Rock Island Tour – May 2014

Once my 5 days of Palau Diving and my day tour at Jellyfish Lake was complete, I had two more free days to spend at my leisure.  I decided to do some Palau kayaking and the night beforehand, booked my tour with the agency located in the Palau Pacific Resort.

I was picked up in the morning and they took me to another hotel in Koror where a speed boat loaded with kayaks was waiting.  Every other person on the tour was Japanese and did not speak English.  Palau is very popular for the Japanese as a holiday location and you will find many things are catered towards their taste, language and culture.

palau kayaking
Kayking in Palau

However, the tour guide was great and she would translate everything for me after briefing the Japanese folks on what we were going to do.  They had never kayaked before, so it was quite the interesting morning watching them splash around between the islands :)  Luckily the tour guide let me go at my own pace.

palau kayaking
Some other tourists enjoying their Milky Way mud bath

We kayaked through a lagoon called the Milky Way.  I jumped in and scooped up some muck from the bottom and rubbed it on my face.  Locals claim that bathing in the white limestone mud found on the waters floor will make you look ten years younger.

We kayaked for about an hour in the morning and then stopped on an island to have lunch.  Since I was so far ahead of the group, I had about another 45 minutes to go explore on my own.

Previously, on the boat ride out to our initial kayak launching site, they had pointed out the propeller of a Japanese zero plane wreck poking out of the water.  I figured I would head that way and explore it.

palau kayaking
Japanese Zero Plane above the water
palau kayaking
Japanese Zero Plane wreck below the water


Once I was done exploring the Japanese zero from my kayak, I headed back to the beach on the island where everyone else was waiting for lunch and had another delicious Japanese bento.

On the beach where we had lunch there was another WWII Japanese zero engine that had washed up on shore

palau kayaking, japanese zero
Japanese zero plane engine on the beach

After our kayaking was over, we were taken to another area to snorkel around in.  It was a bit boring with just some bottles, bad coral and a tire someone had discarded into the water…. So I decided to use the time to get a quick workout in and was swimming around when I heard yelling, “manta! manta!”  So I swam that way and saw my first and only manta in Palau:

palau kayaking
Manta in Palau


Phang Nga Bay – Sea Kayaking & Exploring Hongs By Starlight

Before arriving in Phuket, I had researched a few things to do while there, and something I was really looking forward to… well and really the only reason at all that I even stayed 2 nights in Phuket, was to take a sea kayaking tour of Phang Nga Bay with John Gray’s Sea Canoes.  I booked the Hong by Starlight Tour.

The shuttle picked me up at the hotel in the morning and brought us down to the port and then we were off into the Strait of Malacca..

Phang Nga Bay
Off we go
Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay

It wasn’t the nicest day and a bit cloudy but I was still pretty excited about doing some sea kayaking in Phang Nga Bay and exploring the islands and hongs.

Hong translates to “room”… so a hong is a hidden lagoon in the middle of an island only accessible by sea cave generally in low tide.

Once we arrived in the middle of the islets of Phang Nga Bay, we were paired up and off we went with our kayaks…

We kayaked for several hours around many islands and entered quite a few hongs, and then when most people were tired, we went back to the boat for some Krathong building.  Krathong means a circular floating object with decoration of banana leaves, flowers, a candle and incense sticks.

Phang Nga Bay
Building my krathong
Phang Nga Bay
My finished krathong

We then ate a Thai seafood and vegan buffet dinner on the ship as the sun was setting over Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay sunset

After the sunset, we went kayaking again at night to release our Krathongs as well as to see the fireflies and bioluminescent plankton in the water.

It was such an amazing beautiful day… and one I will never forget.

//The I.A.

Kayaking the Mokulua Islands – Oahu, Hawaii

On the last day on the island, while everyone else was recovering from the wedding festivities, I decided to rent a car and go out exploring on the island and hopefully do some kayaking to the Mokulua Islands.

But first… I needed some Pancakes.  Macadamia pancakes to be exact with warm delicious coconut syrup.  You know, a proper carb up for any type of activity.

Mokulua Islands
Pancakes with Macadamia Nut Sauce in Hawaii

Ok after carbing my face up, it was game on for the kayak show.  I headed to Lanikai beach to one of the dealers there and then headed to the beach to pick up my kayak.  Lanikai is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii and I could see the Mokulua Islands just across the beautiful green water.

They told me you had to be a pretty good kayaker in order to get onto the Mokulua Islands… obviously this guy didnt know me, I excel at every skill… although I really had never sea kayaked before but my mind and body were willing so I set out.

And the current was strong… and I got tired… but I pushed on…

I got really really close to beaching on the island, but couldnt get in, so a couple guys swam out and helped me beach it 

The Mokulua Islands were beautiful… everyone was just chillin’ and drinking beers.

My friends sure missed out on some rad kayaking, dont you think?

If you have any questions about my trip kayaking to the Mokulua Islands please leave a comment or send me an email.