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Waiting for the Mount Bromo Sunrise – Java, Indonesia

Most people have never heard of Mount Bromo, but when I found out that I could easily climb an active volcano while I was in Java, there was no stopping this train wreck.

I was picked up at the Surabaya airport by a driver who didn’t speak English but who did have a snazzy sign with my name on it.  I had hired him 2 months earlier via the interwebz so obviously he had to be legit.

And so it began, that we departed for our 4 hour drive into the Mountains of Java.  Half way in, we stopped for a break and he suggested I grab some food.  <—- I liked this guy already!

Sometimes, while traveling, I will peruse the menu and ask myself, should I go for something “safe” but that rapidly gets shut down by my inner culture demon and I end up with a snazzy meal like this:

mount bromo sunrise
Semur lidah- braised spicy ox tongue with dark soy sauce with a Kopi ginseng – hot ginseng coffee.

Muy delicioso!  Until I find myself later having to milk out the tapeworms.  I kid, I kid.

After eating all the lingua, we continued on through the stunning Surabaya countryside onwards towards mount bromo.

mount bromo sunrise
Surabaya Countryside enroute to mount bromo

We arrived at my hostel in the village at the base of Mount Bromo shortly before sunset.  I made a short trek up the road to watch it and it was one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.  This my friends, is Western Indonesia unfiltered:

mount bromo sunrise
Gunung Bromo Sunset unfiltered

If the sunset looked like that, I couldn’t even imagine what the Mount Bromo sunrise would look like.

The town was dead and it was absolutely freezing outside… and in my hostel room, so I tried to get some sleep as I had a 3am wakeup to go up the mountain to wait for the Mount Bromo sunrise.

So… there I was, “Whitey” at the top of a mountain at 03:30 am with a bunch of Indonesian locals.  I’ve never been so cold in my life.  There were vendors walking around renting out winter jackets.  Thats how cold it was up there…. and they strategically get you to the top of the mountain 2?! hours before sunrise so you stuck having to buy tea, tempura fried bananas and rent the jackets to keep warm.

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After the Mount Bromo sunrise,  madmen (our hired jeep drivers) drove us on dirt tracks in Toyota 4x4s to go climb the volcano.

mount bromo sunrise
Toyoto 4×4 at Gunung Bromo
mount bromo sunrise
Toyoto 4×4 at Gunung Bromo






The trail was like moondust and having so many  horses kicking up the powder  didn’t make things better, but after about a short 15 minute push up the mountain, I had arrived at the top of the world!!!!  or just Mount Bromo Volcano.  Active. No Big Deal.

Then I reversed my journey (this time with no ox tongue) and flew to Yogyakarta:

Here’s a few pics of the lameness that is Yogyakarta:

mount bromo sunrise
Yogya’s saving grace was some delicious high tea at the Phoenix hotel
mount bromo sunrise
Becaks on the street, just waiting for a ride.

Who wants to ride my Becak…. (sounds a bit dirty, doesnt it?)

I want one!  I want one!

Men letting me ride their Bicaks followed by even more ox!

This time, of the tail varietal and super spicy!

mount bromo sunrise
Buntut sapi masak pedas

… this is the life 😉

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