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Exploring Japanese Cuisine & Culture

I arrived at the Narita airport after my  last tattoo session in Bangkok in the afternoon, took the train into Tokyo prefecture and then the subway to Shinjuku.

I had tried unsuccessfully to get a booking at Jiro sushi, so settled on my #2 choice  Kyubei Sushi.  So there I was, sitting around the sushi bar in a cocktail dress with the Tokyo business elite, inked and all, I’m sure they wondered who the hell I was.  Good times.  I chose an 11 course sushi menu, here were some highlights:

Uni (Sea Urchin):  japanese cuisine

A dancing shrimp…here he was before his head was popped off, instantly peeled, devined and served fresh on a delicious bed of sushi rice and a dab of wasabi:

japanese cuisine

I then strolled around the Ginza district in the rain like a tattooed Mary Poppins.

japanese cuisine

The next morning I got up at 02:45.  It was my mission to get into the tuna auction at Tsukiji, however, even though I arrived before 05:30, the tickets were all already gone, so instead, I waited in line for over an hour for a sushi breakfast at Sushi Dai:

My sushi chef also made me this surf clam, and yes, I ate it:

After delicious sushi breakfast, I walked around the fascinating Tsukiji Fish Market which highlights practically all Japanese Cuisine. 

Later on in the afternoon, I went to a ramen house.  This is how you order ramen in Tokyo:

japanese cuisine

And once you order, you get this beautiful amazing ramen which is a bajillion times better than any Maruchan ramen:

japanese cuisine
Authentic Japanese ramen with pork and garlic.

I also went to the National Gardens:

japanese cuisine

While in Tokyo, I also took a Japanese cooking class with Mari.  Since I was the first to book, she let me pick out the menu.  I decided I wanted to make crab cream croquettes, udon soup, sesame style greens and rice.

japanese cuisine
.I made this.

That night I had a couple of Japanese beers at the Golden gai, which is a fun little area of Shinjuku with tiny bars that only sit 6-12 people.japanese cuisine

So the next day as I had been indulging in so much Japanese Cuisine, I had to walk around the city a bit to make room for… more…So after an amazing pit stop at Takashimaya’s food hall so I could indulge in some morning? (dont judge me) dessert from Grammery New York… ok and a beautiful bento as well…

I headed to the Meiji Shrine:

I then headed over to Shibuya station to watch this:

japanese cuisine

Just kidding, if someone ever catches me wearing something like that, just instantly shoot me.  I was actually there to watch this intersection which is.. insane:

Since I was in the area, I figured I should go have high tea… by myself… on the 41st floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo.japanese cuisine

And finally for breakfast the next morning, I headed to Dean and Deluca, where am I?  New York?  Just kidding.  The glories of being in an international city.

japanese cuisine

Now I’m off to the airport to return to the US for a week before I head to AFRICA!

japanese cuisine
Train to Narita