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MIMP tattoo – Bangkok

I was a little bored at the store the other day while waiting on one of my friends to finish doing some shopping so I headed over to the magazine aisle and was leafing through the tattoo magazines.  Always looking for more international good artists and ideas for my next piece of art.

I picked this one up and was scanning through it for ideas:

mimp tatoo
Inked Magazine – Nov 2014 Issue

And I got to this page, and I was like… I KNOW THIS WORK!  And realized that MIMP tattoo was featured in the magazine.  I totally had to buy it.

mimp tattoo
MIMPs feature

Remember when I got my sleeve done by MIMP?

Or the last time I was in Thailand and MIMP tattooed my Huntress?

Makes me excited to get back to Thailand very soon for my next session at MIMP tattoo!

Tattoo Bangkok – Round 2

Isn’t there a Thai Military Coup going on now?  I had to keep asking myself because the situation and surroundings were no different then they were a few months ago when I was here and got my Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo with MIMP.

tattoo bangkok
Non and I at the shop

The reason I’m back so soon though is I wanted to finish my Mermaid sleeve.  So let’s get to it.

tattoo bangkok
MIMPs work

Falalalalalala… this feels sooooooo amaazing 😉

tattoo bangkok
Feels like unicorns and gumdrops

Here she is, my second mermaid and the sleeve is complete.  He also did a few touch ups too which is never a bad thing:

tattoo bangkok
Finished mermaid

Well that was fast and I’m here for a few more days… guess what that means….

tattoo bangkok
Uno MAS!

How MIMP and I do it is I tolerate for as long as he can work, then he takes a break and I go down the street to get a coffee.  I always take painkillers and drink coconut water when I’m getting tattooed, I think it helps with the loss of plasma.. but that’s just my opinion and not science.

tattoo bangkok
MIMP and Non on a break

Why do I get my ink/tattoos done in Thailand you might ask?  Well there are various reasons.  I first and foremost enjoy traveling and spending time in foreign lands.  I mean… this is what I get to eat every day on Tattoo breaks or before/after my session:

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Second, MIMP is an AMAZING artist and the quality of his work is just outstanding.

tattoo bangkok

Third… its easy for me to get multiple days in a row appointments in with him, which works great for me while traveling and when I’m a bit unsure of my schedule.  Try getting in with an amazing artist in the US a month before you want an appointment.  It’s not going to happen.  You might have to wait 6 months just for a consultation. Insanity.

Fourth.  Come on, Bangkok is a major city.  Missing good old America?  Saigon Paragon has an IMAX theater that plays movies daily in English.  I got to watch Godzilla… on IMAX… in English… in Bangkok.

tattoo bangkok
Godzilla at IMAX at the Siam Paragon complex

If you want quality a tattoo while in Bangkok, highly recommend MIMP Tattoo on RCA in Bangkok…. except everyone don’t go there, because I still need to be able to get in, when I want to 😉

10/9/2014 Update – Check it out! Mimp was featured in INKED Magazine

Bangkok Tattoo – My Sleeve

bangkok tattoo
MIMP tattoo shop

Since I was going to be in Bangkok for a week, I figured I would do something constructive with my time and get a souvenir that would last forever…. a Bangkok tattoo.

But this was not going to be any ordinary small tattoo.  I was going for gold and had decided to sleeve it up.

I had messaged MIMP a 2 months earlier and told him I was coming in and had sent him some ideas.  He was shocked when I showed up because in Thailand women don’t usually get tattoos and he thought I had messaged him for my boyfriend.  Nope sorry… I’m just that awesome :)

We went over some of the pictures and ideas we both liked of mermaids and compasses and came up with a plan and he got to work.

bangkok tattoo bangkok tattoo






I was very busy…. just laying there for hours.  Just kidding, the shop has wi-fi, so I could keep myself entertained texting and looking up random things for hours.  Which I did.  All day long.  For 5 days straight.

bangkok tattoo
MIMP getting at it


bangkok tattoo






This is an example of the type of picture MIMP likes to work from for ideas.  He prefers either pictures or paintings so he can get the natural shading right for his black-work.

bangkok tattoo

Now… who needs directions?  I LOVE my compass.  It’s actually my favorite part of my sleeve.

bangkok tattoo
Who needs directions?

Here’s my 90% finished product.  5 days of tattooing in a row, all day long sessions and I’m quite swollen.

bangkok tattoo
Sleeve 90% finished… and a bit swollen

I just need to come back and finish the mermaid dragon scales and her shading on my upper inner arm.

Whats that?  Another trip to Bangkok is in order?   Dang 

MIMP Tattoo Bangkok, RCA

** Update** 6/3/14 – Check out my new Huntress tattoo by MIMP

**Update**  10/9/14 – Check out MIMP in INKED Magazine