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Diving Destinations – Utila – PADI Open Water Certification

Having left Peru early in the morning after my magical adventure with Shawn was complete, and connections in both Bogota and San Pedro Sula, I FINALLY arrived to La Ceiba, Honduras.

##Traveling life lesson, ALWAYS carry your yellow fever yellow card, ALWAYS.  I didn’t have mine in LIma and they were denying me ticketing.  Luckily I had a scanned copy in an email, so had to get another one reissued at the Lima airport from a doctor there before my flight.##

Unfortunately, my luggage was lost on one of the connections, so I headed into La Ceiba to the mall to try to find some clothes, as I was back in the tropics and was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  I bought a few sundresses and headed to the La Ceiba port to catch the afternoon ferry to Utila.


I knew it was meant for me to be there, when I saw this ship :)


After arriving at the dock in Utila, I was picked up by members of the Utila Dive Center and brought to the Dive Center’s accommodation, the Mango Inn.  I then headed into the shop to pay for my Open water dive package and was told I would begin the next day.

There were three of us learning PADI Open Water starting that day, so it was nice to have a small group.  The class was to last 4 days, with academic sessions each day and then 3 required dives + 2 Fun dives.

The other PADI open water students

Academics were a bit dry and the PADI videos were cheesy, but I got through it and was able to go out diving.  My instructor was Therese, who was from Ireland.

My Irish dive instructor Therese

And Octo… perfect name for a divemaster, hmmm?

On the UDC Dive Boat

There are plenty of food options in Utila, my favorite was a restaurant that grilled fish right across the street from the Utila Dive Center, but there was many others to pick from:

At Utila Dive Center, they have a fabulous dock with a deck to have some post dive beers on and watch fabulous sunsets.

Crepuscular rays over Utila
Another Utila Sunset







My luggage finally arrived about 3 days after I arrived, which was terribly annoying.  Luckily I was just diving while I was there so its not like I had to have much more than a sundress and a bathing suit.

There is a new Art Gallery that just opened in Utila which was interesting to see and  a vegan restaurant called Jade Seahorse, where an expat from LA makes amazing pieces of art with cement and broken glass from the island.

Liesbeth and I successfully completed our PADI open water, I wasn’t too big of a fan of having to take my goggles off underwater especially in salt water, but who would be, I suppose.

PADI Open Water Diver.  Check.

Being able to travel and experience 71% more of the  Earth.  Achievement Unlocked.

Now, where’s Octo…

Time to head across the bay to Roatan and get my PADI advanced open water on!