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Bambuda Lodge – A Hostel In Paradise

I left Boquete two days ago and made my way back to the Caribbean side of Northern Panama to Bocas del Toro.  Bocas Del Toro was visited by Christopher Columbus in 1502 in his search for a passage to the Pacific Ocean.  Today Bocas del Toro consists of Bocas Town on the main land as well as 9 islands in the surrounding area.

I had booked my stay at Bambuda Lodge, a new hostel in Bocas Del Toro on Isla Solarte.  When my taxi ferry pulled  up to the dock, I knew I was in for an amazing stay ahead of me at Bambuda Lodge.

Bambuda lodge operates completely off the grid.  This means, the water we drink and shower with is filtered rainwater and the power we consume is solar power as Bambuda lodge has the largest solar grid in all of Bocas.

bambuda lodge
Bambuda Lodge’s solar panals

Every night all the guests meet at a central table in the Sloth’s Nest at 7pm for dinner for $8-10 USD.

bambuda lodge
Dinner at Bambuda Lodge

Bambuda Lodge has muck boots to use, so this afternoon after a VERY lazy morning (apparently the Volcan Baru hike REALLY kicked my butt), I headed off into the humid jungle behind the lodge to see if I could find anything interesting.  I was thrilled to see more than 10 red poison dart frogs and a few parrots.

Some of the best snorkeling in Bocas del Toro is also around Isla Solarte, so after my jungle hike I grabbed my mask, snorkel and goPro and enjoyed the water to cool me down and was surprised at the amount of species I saw in just a short period.

After snorkeling I went to take a shower, and was shocked to have hot water as 5 other girls had just taken one ahead of me.  Then it was time for another relaxing communal dinner before I snuck off back to my bed as last night I got absolutely attacked by the sand flies and have the bites/blisters to prove it.

So beyond the sand flies, Bambuda lodge has been great and I’m looking forward to another day of relaxing, snorkeling and maybe even some kayaking if I feel up to it tomorrow.

//The I.A.