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At the Top of Zion – Hiking Angels Landing

You’d think that after I broke myself rimming the Grand Canyon in less than 24 hours, I’d be done for a while, right?  Nope, immediately I jumped in the jeep and headed to Zion National Park.  My friend Travis had told me about a hike there I needed to do called Angel’s landing, so that was next on my list of trails to crush.

I got to Zion late at night though and so slept in the jeep, when I awoke the next morning and headed to the Angels landing trailhead, they told me that it was going to be closed for maintenance today.  I was like… whattttt… boom.  Super devastated.

angels landing
Virgin River

Well the maintainers were waiting for the rest of the crew to show at the trailhead, so I continued walking on. and did the most rapid descent ever possible of Angels landing.  I was flying up the rungs and chains.

angels landing
The trail

Probably not the safest, and I didn’t get to enjoy being at the top for more than a few minutes to catch my breath, but I hadn’t come all this way for nothing.

angels landing
view from the top

After I descend from heaven… aka Angels Landing, I drove around Zion a bit more.

angels landing
Angels landing from Big Bend

There is a lot of trails to explore, and the Narrows have been on my never-ending bucket list for a while.  The Narrows is a trail where for a 3.6 mile  section you hike up the Virgin River through Zion Canyon.  So until we meet again Zion…

//The I.A.