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Three Days in Kitsap County

Bright and early the day after 4th of July, I was up and about getting ready to head up to Northwestern Washington state to Kitsap county near Seattle…. but before I headed out of Hood River, I stopped at my new favorite local coffee joint, Kickstand Coffee, for a coconut milk latte.

kitsap county
Latte from Kickstand Coffee

I stopped a few times along the Colombia River to take some shots along the always beautiful drive west from Hood River to Portland.

I arrived in Poulsbo, Washington in Central Kitsap county about 4.5 hours later, just in time to meet Echo, my friend’s daughter who had visited them from California.

kitsap county
Echo and I

Echo and I have been Facebook friends for a while and have several things in common so it was great to finally meet her in person!

We all decided to quickly head to Port Gamble to check out the town’s festival, Old Mill Days, before she had to leave for the airport.

Port Gamble is on the Northwestern shore of Kitsap county, the town is tiny, consisting of less than 1000 people but the historic district is an US National Historic Landmark.

That night I ran some last-minute errands and then went to dinner with my friends and hosts, Hans and Jimi who make this area of Washington state their home.

kitsap county
Boats in historic Poulsbo

Beyond visiting Hans and Jimi, the other reason I came up to Kitsap county was for something really exciting… drumroll please… I was here to get my Washington state motorcycle endorsement through the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety course.

kitsap county
Motorcycle Safety Motorcycles

After two days of learning the rules of the road for a motorcyclist and many hours spent getting familiar, riding the bikes and learning motorcycle skills, I passed both the practical and written portions allowing me to visit the department of licensing to get my official endorsement.  Watch out world.  Or more like, drivers watch out for me!

kitsap county
Boats in historic Poulsbo

Hans, Jimi and I of course celebrated my passing the course with a few good bottles of wine and dinner and more great conversation.

kitsap county
Hans, Jimi and myself at Tapas Bar in Poulsbo

I stopped in Poulsbo the next morning at the department of licensing to do the paperwork for my updated license and of course a stop at the world-famous Sluys bakery for a snack for my drive back to Hood River.

It was a great few days up in Kitsap county, mixing business with pleasure and I hope some day soon to return to see more of it but for now….

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