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Montevideo – A Dark Shadow In The Middle of Uruguay

Two days ago I moved on from the beautiful beach scene of Punta Del Este to Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo.  Although only two hours apart by bus, they are cities of stark contrasts.

montevideo uruguay
Horse drawn trash collector in Montevideo

For all the well-manicured buildings, glitz and glamour of Punta, Montevideo is a dark city with so much potential but falling to disarray… and to cap off the scene of contrasts, it’s also been dark and stormy while I’ve been here.

montevideo uruguay

Stormy days are good for a few things, mostly cuddling up in bed for hours after exploring parts of the city and figuring out what I’m going to do with my life, reading and writing bucket lists…but that’s a post for another day…

montevideo uruguay
Palacio Legislativo

Uruguay was founded by the Portuguese, then colonized by Spain and then occupied by the Brits before gaining their own independence in 1828.

However you can still see influences of all these cultures throughout the city especially in Old Town, the area I have inhabited and explored the most.

So many beautiful old buildings seemingly just left up and abandoned made me feel like I would have stayed a few more days longer in the more cheery Punta.  Possibly explaining the vibe I’m feeling in Montevideo, is that it fell under a military dictatorship in the 70s and 80s, which was then followed by an economic crisis in 2002… however it makes me wonder how Punta Del Este and Montevideo could feel like night and day, from everything from architecture to the people themselves.

montevideo uruguay
Plaza Independencia

In a few hours for me (as it’s almost 2am as I’m a crazy 6 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time) it’s off on another two-hour bus ride further west to explore Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO heritage site.

//The I.A.