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Lazy Living On Little Corn Island

As I said yesterday in my Dive Little Corn post, I’m now on Little Corn Island, off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.  What’s the draw you might ask that took me to venture out here?  Well… it’s a remote paradise and Little Corn has no motorized vehicles whatsoever on it so tranquility is paramount here.little corn islandIn order to get here to Little Corn Island, I had to catch a prop plane from Managua to Big Corn Island with La Costena Airlines.

At the airport and in the short taxi ride to the ferry port, I was all busting out my Spanish lingo when the taxi driver looks over me and responds in perfect English… puzzled, I naturally inquired how they speak perfect English here while in mainland Nicaragua most people certainly do not.

The taxi driver explained to me that the Corn Islands were originally colonized by the British so it is their first language and then all of their schooling is in Spanish, so they are about 80% bi-lingual.  Awesome, as it makes my trip that much easier as my brain has to work that much less harder.

After being dropped off at the port, I jumped on a 1/2 hour motorized boat ride which they call a “ferry” to Little Corn. It is not really a ferry and there is a high chance of getting soaked especially in bad sea states, but we had an amazing boat Captain and no one got wet and my back also didn’t get jack-hammered from hitting massive waves.  I’ll just call that a win-win.

Once I arrived on Little Corn Island, I was met at the dock by a representative from my lodging, Casa Iguana and my luggage was carted away for 15 minutes down the dirt paths of the island..

little corn island
yes… that is all my luggage :/

As we walked the dirt paths through the jungle to Casa Iguana, Sasha, the hotel rep said she was born here and pointed out various things along the way such as the Little Corn Dive Shop which I used yesterday and I took mental notes of some restaurants I wanted to check out.

little corn island
Trail around Little Corn Island

Finally I arrived at Casa Iguana… which Sasha told me was the first tourist lodging on Little Corn and was built 18 years ago.

It was already dark by the time I was settled into my cabina but decided to head off to Little Corn Beach & Bungalows restaurant, the Turned Turtle, for their 4 course dinner as I hadn’t eaten all day and was dying of hunger.  Let’s just say I was not disappointed and practically had to roll myself back down the beach in the dark back to Casa Iguana.

My first full day here on Little Corn Island was my diving day and after diving, I admittedly lounged on a hammock on my porch all afternoon reading my kindle while the very strong cool wind blew across me and listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing.  No kids screaming, no sand flies, no mosquitos… Let’s just say, I could get used to this…

Today after breakfast I decided to be more productive and walk around the entire island as the beaches on the North side were supposed to be the best.

They definitely were the most pristine and there is still a nice breeze blowing on the North side so it didn’t feel so hot.

But after hitting trail end on the north side, I had to ascend back through the dry hot jungle to get back to the main little town on Little Corn Island.  I was definitely dehydrated and stopped at a stand to buy a slice of watermelon and after a nap a very late lunch at Cafe Desideri.

So that’s pretty much all I’ve done while here on Little Corn Island… diving, eating, walking around the dirt paths below the giant mango trees and sleeping.  I’m a little sad I’m leaving tomorrow for a night on Big Corn Island but wanted to see what that island was all about too.

//The I.A.

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