foot tattoos

Foot tattoos – The Holy OW of Tattoos

I decided that I needed to start balancing out my tattoos as I was starting to accumulate a lot of the upper half on my body, and nothing going on the bottom half so I decided to go for a foot tattoo.

I headed into Infinity tattoo studio in Portland and picked out an easy Sailor Jerry swallow that I thought would look good.

Here’s the result:

foot tattoos
Holy Ow.

Now lets talk about foot tattoos and pain.  THIS WAS THE WORST THING EVER.  Every single line was like bloody murder.  I already can have a foul mouth, but I have never swore so much in 20 minutes in my life.  It was unbearable.  Ok obviously bearable because I lived through it, but the thought of having to get something on my other foot already sends chills down my spine.

Check out this handy-dandy tattoo pain chart to see how foot tattoos rank:

foot tattoos

On a special note, there was a gent getting a picture of a fully loaded hotdog on his fore arm while I was there.

This kids, is why you don’t do drugs. :)

//Inked Adventurer

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