Cheri's Cafe St Maarten

Cheri’s Cafe St Maarten – A Night of Hilarious Ridiculousness

Tonight headed into Maho Bay on the Dutch side of St Maarten to have dinner and see what was going on around that area of the island.

Enroute the taxi driver suggested a place called Cheri’s Cafe St Maarten, which appeared to have a great central location.  So after walking a bit around Maho Bay, made the way there to get dinner in time for the 8pm “show.”

Cheri's Cafe St Maarten
Mahi Mahi and Shrimp dinner

Dinner was pretty good, however last night’s dish at Ma Ti Beach Restaurant in Nettle Bay was more flavorful…  But decided to kickback anyway and enjoy some tropical cocktails not realizing, I probably wouldn’t need to drink to prepare for what was in store for the show.

The “Sweet Chocolate Band” which is the Cheri’s Cafe St Maarten house band was on stage for the entertainment.

They say that first impressions are lasting ones.  Here was my first impression:  a chunky black man wearing a sequined track suit and a wife beater doing hip thrusters… well well well…

Cheri's Cafe St Maarten

And the costumes just got more and more “strange” from there…  Now the singing wasn’t bad… but this guy, is HILARIOUS and would put Elvis’ hip shaking moves to shame…. more on that later.Cheri's Cafe St Maarten

Betwen every song, a random man in the crowd kept yelling, “send Tina” well “Tina” ended up being a very muscular cross-dressed man singing Tina Turner music… here, to an 86-year old man whose birthday it happened to be tonight :)

Cheri's Cafe St Maarten
Who wouldn’t want a cross-dressed man singing to you on your 86th Birthday?

What?  You waant more Tina?  Fine.

Cheri's Cafe St Maarten

But… this wasn’t even the tip of the spear as to how weird and hilarious the show continued to get as then out came the main singer also dressed in drag.

Now, as you can see there were many older people in the audience, and they were absolutely eating this up.  I’ve never seen so many awesome older men and women having so much fun with this type of entertainment.

If you only watch one video of mine all year… this is the one…

Don’t worry, many other women AND MEN in the audience got their share too, and no one ever got up to leave in distaste and just clapped harder.

At the end, the got members of the audience involved for their own little dance show… here are some stills taken to protect the innocent.

I am kind of liking this Caribbean bunch of party people :)

If you ever find yourself in Saint Maarten looking for something to do, make sure you head over to Cheri’s Cafe St Maarten in Maho Bay, you’ll surely be entertained (and possibly even part of the entertainment) for hours…

//The I.A.

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