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Riding on an Ecuador Bus – Quito To Baños

Today I had the pleasure of riding an Ecuador Bus between Quito and Baños.  I was actually dreading the experience because after spending so much time in Asia, I was expecting the same Asian minibus experience with 21 people packed into a van designed for 12… I found out however, that this was not the case in South America, and riding in an Ecuador bus, is not actually a horrible experience.

After arriving from my amazing time in the Amazon to Quito, I took a taxi from the International Airport to the Quitumbe bus station.  It took about an hour and as it is in south Quito, it was $35.  Once I got to the station, I had to find the booths that were selling tickets to Baños:

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My guide at the lodge told me to take the Baños Express buses because they had the best buses and as it was 1:10 in the afternoon and the next bus left at 1:30, it worked out perfectly.

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Bus ticket to Baños

Quitumbe station has food and beverage venders in the lower level so I ran down there to get a snack and get some water and then I was off to find my bus.  It was a bit confusing because the ticket said Bus No 6, so I went to row 6 at the Bus Station, but it was actually in row 28, apparently I missed that part in translation 😉

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 Luckily the ticket person put me in Seat #4 which is right behind the driver, which is actually reserved for handicap and pregnant women, so there was a lot of room in front of me which worked out well because I could hold bag with my expensive items between my feet and not worry about someone stealing my things from under the seat as I have read horror stories about.

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Off I go to Baños

On the bus they were showing a movie in Spanish… well it may have been an American film voiced over but I’m a little behind in pop culture so couldn’t Identify it.

ecuador bus

I slept for at least half the ride, as I was exhausted from being up since 5am to get out of the Amazon on time, but a few times I woke up and realized that along the way the bus driver would stop and different food/snack vendors would jump on.

ecuador bus

I could see  coming closer so knew I was getting close to Baños…

ecuador bus
Tungurahua Volcano

Finally at about 5pm, I arrived:

ecuador bus
Arriving to Baños

Baños is in a valley surrounded by mountains and the volcano.  It actually really reminds me of my beloved Hood River.  I’m super excited to check it out tomorrow and do a lot of the outdoor activities that it has to offer… mountain biking, canyoning, whitewater rafting, etc. :)

After I checked into my accommodation, I walked around the town to get a vibe for it.  It’s all decorated for Christmas:

Also had dinner at the Swiss Bistro in Baños:

Tomorrow is a major town festival, so they are getting ready to celebrate that:

All in all, great experience today riding in the Ecuador bus.  I’m not even dreading my return trip to Quito when I have to take another.

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El Cabello del Virgen Waterfall

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  1. I’m really enjoying your blog! My wife and I are leaving Monday for 2 weeks in Ecuador followed by 2 weeks in Colombia. We are thinking about moving there and this is our discovery trip/honeymoon. Anyway, this blog about the bus is really helpful, makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of traveling by bus. Thank you for posting so many great blogs! We are also planning to stay near La Ronda in Quito based off of what we read here.

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