things to do in lima

Things to do in Lima – Celebrating turning dirty 30

We have been busy coming up with things to do in Lima – not too hard of a task for me since I pretty much have ADHD.  Shawn and I have been in Lima since the 17th, which was my 30th Birthday.

Here’s how we spent the day after we arrived from our Adventures in Cusco:

things to do in lima
Lunch at Cala
things to do in lima
Birthday dessert at Cala in LIma







My Birthday was on a Sunday.  WORSE DAY EVER IN PERU for a Birthday.  Most of the best restaurants aren’t open that day, but we did have a nice meal in Miraflores right on the water and check out my Cumpleanos dessert. :)

Then in the afternoon, we got manicures for my birthday.  I have the greatest friends EVER (he secretly loves them)!

things to do in lima
Birthday manicure

Then we spent the afternoon walking around Barranco.  I got an amazing sunset for my birthday… unfiltered!

things to do in lima
Lima Sunset from Barranco

Then we tried to go big.  I mean, I only turn 30 once…. but it was Sunday night in Lima and almost everything was closed.  We taxied all over town between both Barranco and Miraflores districts to try to find something but it was pretty much an epic fail.

The best we could do was this bar:

things to do in lima
Drinking sangria in a converted rail car with my party hat — at Cafe Expreso Virgen de Guadalupe.

So my birthday itself wasnt totally epic, BUT remember we did just come from hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu so beggars can’t be choosers :)

The next day we got up and headed to the Lima Catacombs.  Between 25000-75000 bones are nestled beneath the Monastery of San Francisco.  We took a tour of the monastery, because we had to, but the most interesting thing there are all the bones below the church in the catacombs itself…. well that and me being able to run with pigeons.

Sometimes I think I embarrass Shawn…30 and running with Pigeons… oh well,  let me go on…

There was a churro dealer in the courtyard.  So we got our Churro on:

things to do in lima
Eating churros,mines the girthy one.

Then we decided to walk around downtown a bit to see if there was any other interesting architecture:

things to do in lima
Plaza de Armas de Chancay

This is one of my favorite pics ever.  Thank you Lima Riot Policia!

things to do in lima
Just another day doing what I do

And then we went to the Museo Larco where I also acted the very mature age of 30:

Museo Larco is actually one of my highly recommended things to do in Lima.  There are lots of interesting exhibits and we spent several hours there before taking a taxi to a fantastic cooking class at Skykitchen Lima:

Cooking at Skykitchen

What’s next up on Amy’s Adventure train?  Learning to dive in Utila, Honduras!

But first afternoon coffees for Shawn and Amy… aka Jhon and Emmy:

things to do in lima
Emmy and John

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