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Things I Love – Gear list for Traveling, Scuba and Living

Things I Love and am never without when I’m traveling  

Current as of 11/3/14:

(Note:  If you click on the pictures, it will open a new window to where to buy them on Amazon, which is where I buy practically everything these days)

1.  My Gregory Jade 60 Backpack:  The Women’s version of the most award winning men’s pack ever (Gregory Baltoro).

Women’s Version:things i love

Mens Version:things i love

2.  My Fitbit:  Read my ode to My FITBIT

things i love

3.  Nippies:  Sick of your bra/bra straps showing in your sundresses?  I swear by these things, especially in hot and humid countries.

4.  My GoPro Hero4:  Island hopping, snorkeling, scubadiving with whale sharks.  You name it, I’ve filmed it using my GoPro:

things i love5.  Red filter for my GoPro:  Need this for true color when underwater because reds fade out the deeper you go (scuba):

6.  Anti Fog Inserts:  If you are going to be using the GoPro in the water, they are pretty necessary.

6.  REEF Sandals:  I wear these 90% of the year, all day, every day and walk for miles in them with no issues.

things i love

7.  My Kindle Paperwhite:  I actually have a fire and a paperwhite, and I much prefer the Paperwhite.  Its cheaper, simple and the battery lasts forever.

things i love

8.  Sony DSC-RX100:  Its the closest you can get to having a DSLR but in a compact size… practically the best of both worlds.

things i love9.  Gorillapod:  Takes my selfies to the next level.
things i love

10.  Samsung Galaxy S3, International Unlocked smartphone:  Then buy a local simcard and use all the data to your hearts content.

things i love11.  My MACBOOK:  Fearlessly by my side through 8 years of travels.

12.  Maybelline Unstoppable Smudgeproof Waterproof Eyeliner:  I dont wear any other make-up when I’m traveling, but this shit works… even when diving.

things i love

13.  Inov-8s:  Ultralight weight for packing, amazing for running.  I go through 3 pairs a year and put A LOT of miles on them.

14.  Camelback All Clear Purifier:  This was a new one for me this year and I love it.  On kilimanjaro while everyone else was waiting an hour for their iodine to kick in, I was drinking my water within a minute… and it allows you to drink tapwater anywhere which is good for your wallet and good for the environment.  Purifier is chargable via USB.
things i love

19.  Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant:  Because I’m always active, and I always like to smell nice… and it works.
things i love

20.  Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush:  3 words that melt a travelers heart:  Rechargable via USB.

things i love

things i love

22.  Travel Towel:  I thought this was unnecessary until I bought one. Now, I only wished I had bought one sooner.  Packs small and is awesome for diving/swimming and dries in 30 minutes flat.
things i love23.  Ultralightweight down jacket:  I have the Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer.  Fits into its own pocket and is ultra-lightweight

Womens Version:things i love

Mens Version:things i love

24.  Ultralightweight rain jacket:  Can be folded to the size of a granola bar.  Win!

25.  ArcTeryx Pants:  These are the only technical pants I will use and wear and bring with me on any vacation beyond one pair of jeans and a plethora of sundresses.  They last forever.  I have had some pairs for 6 years with no wearing anywhere on them.  I can’t find the women’s version on Amazon at the moment and bought my last two pairs on Ebay (Womens Arcteryx Rampart).

Mens Version:things i love

26.  Carmex – I always have at least 2 jars.


My entire kit + dive flashlights + GoPro Case + MacBook Pro fit in an Eddy Bauer brand regulation size carry-on which was my goal.

ScubaPro GO BCD with AIR II Alternate Air source:  It weighs less than 5 lbs, fits in my carry-on, and you don’t need an octopus because of the integrated AIR II.

things I love

ScubaPro MK25/S600 Regulator:  Amazing regulator but they’re expensive.  I got the special edition on sale on amazon last year for almost half price, so watch for sales!

things i love

ScubaPro SeaWing Novas:  I actually have the open heel version of these, but full foot fins are lighter which makes them better for traveling.  So if I could do it again, I’d buy these… and they are $40 cheaper.

things i love

Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED (L1) Dive Light :  I also have a huge water torch, but this one is awesome and my most preferred for the best light vs. weight ratio while traveling.

+ Air gauge, Goggles and Wetsuit:  but as those are so personal depending on your face or body shape, I’m not recommending any.

Products I’ve used and actually like enough to recommend:

things i love
To Learn Spanish!  Read my review of Fluenz Spanish 1-5
things i love

A game for terrible people (like me!)

//The I.A.

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  1. Awesome Kit…Brilliant! Envious in a healthy way :) inspired to get back to this level of outdoor activity…really miss diving too.

    Stay safe and ENJOY!

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