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Hiking in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

I arrived in Las Vegas last night and Hertz was “so kind” as to upgrade me to this Camaro.  Now, I know I shouldn’t be complaining.  But I came here to hike the Grand Canyon and not cruise the strip so it’s a bit impractical for my needs…
red rock canyon

Luckily, Bill lives here…. as in, the guy I went to Zumanity with when I was here in August and the dude that took me to Mexico in 2006 which set me off on my world of adventures... and we traded vehicles for a few days :)  Fun for him, fun for me.

Red rock canyon
Ah much better

He recommended that I get a little pre-hiking in at Red Rocks National Conservation Area.  I’ve spent more than enough days in Vegas in my life, and never really made it far from the strip so thought that was probably a good choice.

I packed my gear in his jeep and headed out.  It was a beautiful sunny day, in October it isn’t too hot in Las Vegas, so I was enjoying the sun shine and the wind blowing through the jeep.

I had checked out a few trail maps online before I came to the park, and decided I wanted to do a trail that had a view of the Strip, so I picked the Calico Tanks Trail.

Red rock canyon

The trail was pretty fun, with lots of up, down and around rocks.  Definitely not just flat and boring.  The contrast of the blue sky against the Red Rocks was gorgeous.

I finally got to the strip viewpoint but it was a bit hazy…

Red rock canyon
As close to the strip as I like to be ;)

I enjoyed the viewpoint which was also my turnaround point for a while and headed back to the Jeep and drove around the park a bit more and checked out the visitor center.  If I had longer to kill in Vegas, I could definitely have checked out some more trails here…. but for my first time at Red Rock Canyon, Calico Tank Trail was a beautiful choice.

I think I’m more than ready for the Grand Canyon…

Zumanity – An ADULT Cirque du Soleil performance

Since I was in Las Vegas for a work conference this week, I thought it would be fun to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show one night after the conference events were over for the day.

I saw my first Cirque show, Ova, last year in Portland, and thought it was an amazing display of art, performance, gymnastics and showcasing the amazing things the human body can do.

I really didn’t know much about Zumanity, but the other Cirque shows didn’t necessarily pique my interest, so I picked that one.  It billed itself as the “sensual side of Cirque Du Soleil.”


Several of my co-workers also at the conference had expressed interest in going, but since my ex-boyfriend Bill lives here in Las Vegas, we met to catch up and go to the show together.

I met Bill in one of the bars at Mandalay Bay where I was staying and we headed over to the Irish Pub in New York New York, the casino that hosts Zumanity.

Los Tres Diablos

Well let me tell you, I am soooo thankful that I went with Bill and NOT my co-workers, as I realized that SENSUAL in Vegas means full out sex show, and not…. acrobatics in sexy costumes.

Zumanity was 98% a naked sex show cabaret performance and from the first act  all I could think about was I would have had to sit there on red velvet love seats through all the sexual innuendo / cabaret and sex acts for 2 hours next to my vice presidents.


Was it beautiful?  Yes.  The contortionists, aerialists, costumes and acrobatics were amazing.  It is really a celebration of the human body and sexuality.

But if you are the type to get offended by drag queens, S&M, homosexuality and believe that sex and all discussion of it is best left in the bedroom only, it probably should be your absolute last choice for a show in Vegas…. or if your bosses want to go with you.  That’s a bad idea too. :)


BONUS Flashback:  January 2006.  In front of Lake Mead on our way to Hoover Dam.

lake mead
Lake Mead Flashback.

Tulum And Playa Del Carmen